One of the local beauties not to be missed!

Nearby is Savona, one of the charming cities of the region.
Pay particular attention to its XVI century cathedral, embellished by a Baroque façade
from the 1800s and several Renaissance sculptures decorating its interior,
among them a marble cross, a font and a pulpit from the XVI century.

The highlights of this easily accessible town are Palazzo della Rovere (Rovere Palace),
Palazzo Gavotti (Gavotti Palace), Palazzo delle Piane (Piane Palace),
Palazzo dei Pavoni (Peacock Palace), and Palazzo Imperiale (Imperial Palace),
Villa Cambiaso (Cambiaso Manor), as well as Torre Leon Pancaldo (Leon Pancaldo Tower),
Torre del Brandale (Brandale Tower), Torre Riarso (Riarso Tower), and Torre Corsi (Corsi Tower).
Not to mention a number of forts (della Madonna degli Angeli, del Monte, and Ciuto),
the Priamar Fortress, the Sperone and San Giorgio castles,
as well as the Filippo Maria Visconti and San Giacomo bridges.