Top-quality services and an experienced and qualified staff

This convention center near Genoa is a unique space that the Grand Hotel Arezano
designed specifically for the business world,
an area of the highest prestige within a top-class property.

Our luxury hotel is located on the beautiful Italian Riviera,
close to the sea and to the countless wonders of the region,
therefore set in a location that is perfect for hosting professional gatherings,
team building activities and incentives.
Moreover, thanks to our experienced and qualified staff and modern facilities,
we can also provide first quality services.
5 contemporary and stylish rooms are available for meetings and corporate growth opportunities,
essential to improve you company's performance at any time.

Alongside the specific meeting areas,
you can also take advantage of extraordinary outdoor spaces,
which are excellent to hold any kind of event,
and enjoy the luxury hotel's restaurant "La Veranda",
which boasts a spacious terrace.